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Send great looking invoices and get paid online using payment gateways such as Paypal, Google Checkout and

Send unlimited invoices to an unlimited number of clients

Here at NetLink, we realize that numbers never tell the whole story. Invoice as many clients as you like, as many times as you like. Who are we to stop you?

Get paid online

From Paypal to Google Checkout and, NetLink billing system supports a number of payment gateways and allows you to accept payments from all over the world.

Add taxes, discounts and shipping costs

Every invoice you send out supports not only multiple (compound) taxes but also shipping charges and discounts.

Download as PDF and send via email

Attach PDFs to your invoices as you send them out, or go a step further and send invoices directly via email.

Bill in multiple currencies

Have clients from all over the world? Not a problem. Set currencies on a per client basis and bill everyone in the one they know best.

Send reminders and acknowledgements

Whether your client pays up on time or is always late, NetLink allows you to send out reminders and acknowledgements accordingly.

Use your colours, logo and brand

Your invoices after all, should be about you. Customize your invoices with your own colours and branding. Your clients never need to know you use NetLink Billing!

Send professional estimates, have your clients approve them and then convert them to invoices with a single click.

Create a good first impression

Update your database of Opportunities and get convert more by sending timely quotes.

Send Quotations

Draft beautiful, professional looking estimates and send them to clients for approval.

Convert quickly to an invoice

Watch your estimate's status go from Sent to Viewed to Approved, and then convert to invoice in a single click.

Print it out

Client wants it on paper? Download your estimates as PDFs for print and even have them sent out via email using the NetLink email module.

Duplicate and reuse

Send out similar looking quotes often? Just duplicate an existing one and customize it to fit your needs.

Setup Recurring Profiles and then sit back and relax. Let NetLink Billing do your invoicing for you.

Setup Periodic Billing

Setup a profile to send invoices out daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or at an interval of your choosing.

Allow us to do the heavy lifting

NetLink Billing will mail your invoices out on time, and you'll never have to worry about forgetting to send them.

Maintain total control

From the payment gateway you'd like to use, to the number of times the recurring profile should be run, you control every part of this process.

Review, then send

Don't want invoices going out automatically? Have NetLink Recurring Profiles save your regular invoices as drafts so you can review them before sending.

Time yourself online, log hours by project and task and generate detailed reports. Then share them.

Stay on top of your time

Begin working, start the built in timer and just forget about it. When you're done, quickly save the entry and get on with your day.

Organize by project and task

Keep track of how much time you spend on each project and task.

Generate reports

NetLink Billing Time Reports give you a quick visual breakdown of where your time is going.

Share your data

Those graphs sure look pretty. Quickly share them online, include them in an invoice or export them as PDFs!

Take it offline

Away from Internet access? With NetLink Billing offline mode, you can track your time anyway. The data you store will be synced with the server when you next connect.

Monitor your spending, easily separate personal and business expenses and quickly generate reports.

Log your expenses

Whether you are at work or at the grocery store, enter an expense at any time using NetLink Billing simple, easy to use interface.

Track your spending

Using the projects and categories feature, you can not only separate expenses based on client but also track business and personal spending separately.

Generate reports on the fly

Worried that you spent too much on candy last week? Check right away with NetLink Billing Expense Reports.

View your spending history

No matter where you are, your expense logs will always be with you. Login anytime to compare data across weeks, months and years.

Invoice your expenses

Convert your NetLink Billing Expense Report into an invoice and pass it on to your client.

View your finances at a glance, check your income and expenditure and keep track of who owes you what.

Assess your financial status

Like a trusty personal assistant, NetLink Billing will be ready with your financial state as you login every morning. Click through the graphs to see your sales and payment receipts over the last 3, 6 or 12 months.

Monitor your productivity

Your time graph appears on your NetLink home screen, meaning that a visible indication of your productivity will be there for you every time you login.

Remember to collect

NetLink Billing reporting feature includes an Accounts Overdue section which lists the clients with the most payments overdue. Think of it as our way of reminding you that you deserve to get paid on time!

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